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Double Glazed Windows By Gold Coast Glass & Glazing

Reduce noise and improve thermal comfort with Double Glazing Double glazing can drastically enhance the convenience of a room, building or home by reducing the noise and creating a comfortable, stable indoor temperature.

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Soundproof & Noise Reduction Windows

Soundproof & Noise Reduction Windows Windows are typically the greatest source of noise penetration in a building. Soundproofing windows and doors is a dependable method to minimize noise and improve comfort. The most powerful way to achieve effective noise reduction is actually to incorporate a secondary system into existing doors or windows, that stops air leaks as well as has a big air cavity to buffer the noise.

Gold Coast Glass Glazing Retrofit Double Glazing

Gold Coast Glass Glazing retrofit double glazing systems provide effective noise reduction for doors or windows in your office or home. Double pane glass is actually made to maximise the acoustic air cavity, minimise the noisy air leaks and are available in different thicknesses to soundproof doors and windows against vibration. Designed to be installed on the interior of the window sill, our process is practically invisible from outside. This makes Gold Coast Glass Glazing’s solutions ideal for strata units, stand-alone or semi-detached homes also as office environments. Whether it’s noise from air cfraft, neighbours, trains, or traffic, Gold Coast Glass Glazing has the right solutions.

Window insulation

Window insulation for all year round thermal comfort Windows are actually among the largest contributors of heat gain and loss. They could account for as much as forty nine % of heat loss in winter and up to eighty seven % of heat gain in summer. Our solutions improve the whole window performance; glazing, frames, and seals, creating thermally efficient windows.

Our retrofit double glazing, System uses an optical grade acrylic glazing which is actually up to 6X more thermally efficient and up to 18X stronger than a glass. Framing creates a winter break from your existing frame while its airtight seals eliminate draughts. These features let you keep a comfortable room temperature for year round thermal comfort. Our thermally efficient windows are going to keep you warm in cool and winter in summer.

Reduce condensation on your windows Double pane windows also can help reduce condensation appearing on existing windows. Our thermally efficient windows are able to prevent mould from building up. Less condensation is able to protect the health of the family of yours and prolong the life of window furnishings and sills.

Convert Your Existing Windows

Convert your existing windows into energy efficient windows Double glazing existing windows are able to improve thermal insulation, making your windows more energy efficient. Which means you are able to save money, by lowering energy bills for cooling or heating. Our retrofit double glazing convert the standard of yours, single glazed window into energy efficient windows and never have to change the existing windows.

Gold Coast Glass Glazing's solutions

Gold Coast Glass Glazing’s solutions are going to create energy efficient windows in your office or home by enhancing your existing windows performance. The, retrofit double glazing transform the window of yours into the very best energy efficient window for winter performance and may be enhanced.


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