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AND BALUSTRADING FOR Commercial and domestic For a soft sophisticated style, glass pool fencing and balustrades are actually a really stylish and powerful way to capture elegance. Toughened glass balustrades are actually a durable and safe alternative to traditional balustrades, offering the unique advantage of design that is modern, unobstructed views and ease of maintenance.

Gold Coast Glass and Glazing specialise in Sydney glass pool fencing and glass balustrades. Perhaps probably the most visible example of our job is actually the glass balustrades along the Gold Coast waterfront.

Types Of Glass Shower Screens

popularity, they will be semi-frameless and frameless. Each of them have their own benefits.

Frameless fences

The frameless glass panels are likely to be by far the most well known as they give a more cleaner and look that is stylish. They’re a good addition to any pool since they enable you to have an un obstructed view of the surrounding areas. This, coupled with stainless steel pool spigots give you a higher end finish which is actually in a category of its own. A large amount of folks make the miss conception that the price of these panels are substantially greater compared to the semi frameless option but this’s not so, as the labour cost is likely to be the same to install both systems. If you’d love to learn more about glass fence installation, we are able to help!

Semi Frameless

fences Semi-frameless fences are less well known compared to the previous option, however also look very fashionable and modern. They’re a wonderful option for apartment blocks as they are able to be cheaper when done in bulk. This’s because the materials cost slightly less than frameless systems, so going this option is actually economical when you’re fencing a large section.

Pool Safety Gates

Pool safety gates There are actually a number of different kinds of glass gate kits that you are able to decide on for the pool of yours. These would be the gates that utilise the soft closing or perhaps the self close spring hinge systems. The soft close pool hinges are actually the premium option on the market and can cost as much as $400+ per pair of hinges. The most crucial factor to consider is the fact that it should meet the NSW pool fence regulations. This means the gate needs to be self closing and the gap between the gate and the latching panel is actually under 10mm wide. We offer a range of glass hinges for swimming pool gates that are actually both soft-closing or self-closing.

Safety issues to consider when selecting a pool fence or perhaps gate Having the own swimming pool of yours comes with responsibly as well as the need to comply with rules and regulations that relate to safety. Working with a glass pool safety gate or perhaps fence is actually among the local rules that one must comply with.

Protect the young kids For a pool safety gate to be effective, it requires to have a highly placed lock so that kids can’t access the swimming pool as they fumble around it. The safety gate should always be locked when no one is actually around to watch over them as they swim. One more thing that should be considered is actually a gate alarm. The gate should have an alarm which is going to let you know anytime your safety gate is actually opened. Reliable sources indicate that nearly all cases of drowning that involve kids from one to 4 years of age are actually due to lack of protective barriers around their home swimming spas or even pools.


Safety regulations

A swimming pool gives you as well as your family many hours of sweet memories and enjoyment. It’s crucial that you keep in mind that it is able to pose a danger to kids that are young in case you haven’t complied with safety regulations and rules. Your swimming pool gate is not a mere accessory, it’s something that you need to keep the kids of yours from accidental falls or perhaps drowning in the swimming pool. The gate also prevents the family pets of yours from the same accidental falls into the pool of yours. The similar material type may be found on shower screens
Pool safety gates, nowadays, are actually beyond the olden day’s chain link kind. Such fence types are usually discouraged since they come with toe holds that kids can make use of to climb.

Removed in sections The pool gates can be safety devices as well as fashion accessories. A number of folks often put up pool fences they can remove in sections when they’re cleaning the deck or perhaps the pool itself. In reality, such fences are going to make their cleaning easier, and they’ll finish within no time. Nevertheless, the same as with any type of swimming pool device, the fence should only be removed when there are actually no kids in attendance. We all may get distracted at times, and it’s easy for the children to enter the pool while we’re not looking.

self locking and alarming Another pool safety gate type is actually the one that will come with a self-locking and self-alarming system. It immediately closes behind you. It is going to latch and lock and set an alarm. Which means that any time the gate is actually opened the alarm will sound. It is going to give you double protection!
Working with a glass pool fence safety gate is actually one thing that all pool owners should comply with besides the installation of pool alarms.


Safety: comply with all legal requirements, regarding human safety and water
Aesthetics: provides the physical barrier you need, without compromising on the view
Value: increase the value of the home of yours or perhaps business property
Durability: professionally installed glass is actually durable and tough
Versatility: customised to suit the requirements of yours, framed or perhaps frameless, tinted or clear Gold Coast Glass and Glazing offer a blend of quality glass and fittings, with expert installation and workmanship, to offer the very best results for the pool of yours, office or home. We personalize our glass pool fencing and balustrading to meet the requirements of yours, while being compliant with all relevant pool fencing safety legislation.

Whether it is completely frameless, a combination of framed and unframed, hinged gates or perhaps gated doors, we are able to help. So get the look you want, and maximize the lifestyle of yours, with Gold Coast Glass and Glazing’s customized glass pool fencing and balustrades.

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