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Gold coast Residential glass and glazing

Professional Glass Repairs And Brand New Glass

With years of expertise in professional glass repairs and brand new glass installations, we are able to assure you we do the tasks of ours with quality workmanship and productivity. As industry leaders, our professional  staff maintain  the highest standards in training and workplace health and safety therefore you, the customer , are actually sure of the highest quality finished products and services.

Energy Saving Glass Installs And Repairs

We don’t just preform energy saving glass installs and repairs, we also need to make it the most desirable look, our reputation depends on it here is how.

Not Just For Windows

The home’s glass is not the only place that can have problems. Some other glass pieces in the home could be  suffering and may need some repairs.

Tub And Shower Glass

The bathroom plays an important role in a home’s value. An professionally finished bathroom adds great value to your home and can greatly improve quality of life. Shower screens have become a favourite for many homeowners. 

Pool Fencing/Balustrades

The desirable hangout spot in the summer for all families. It is far to difficult to resist taking a dive into the cool waters on a hot summer day? Take precautions to the pool for safety of your family and friends having fun, a pool fence is the perfect measure to ensure that it is a s safe as can be.

Double Glazed

Double Glazed windows are the perfect answer to energy efficiency challenges we all face. Besides increasing the energy efficiency double glazed windows and doors also increase the value of the home tremendously, with new modern designs we are sure to find the best design to suit your home.  

So, what do you need to know?

Our team of experts or staff takes pride in their abilities, workmanship, and promptness of service delivery. Our team will happily advise and provide you an obligation-free quote for all of your commercial glass needs!

Best Price Guarantee

Being professional’s our full-service residential or commercial glass are always of the greatest quality and execution , we provide prompt, reliable, efficient, and high-quality door and window repairs on the Gold Coast.

We also guarantee you get your project done at the best price.